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Hailing out of Atlanta, Georgia, this collaborative features a rotating cast of talented musicians and songwriters from across the country who have come together in an effort to bring to life a musical experience based on the 8 principles of M0 Octopus, the Great Cephalopod Master. 

       Each song in the moment is ultimately in charge.

 We exist in this band to make one another sound good.

      There is always room for improvement somewhere. 

         No need to get caught up in little things. 

 We understand the importance of striving for personal excellence. 


We are all necessary and responsible for one another.

 We can rely on one another physically//mentally//emotionally. 


We listen twice as much as we play//speak.

Though relatively young, the crew shows the potential to be M0’s greatest ensemble yet, featuring music rich in diversity inspired by a broad range of influences, and played by artists that genuinely care about their craft.